Create VR rooms for meetings

Many different applications exist to make interesting rooms to share or meet as well as display art

One of the greatest advantages of the new Metaverse and VR is being able to hold meetings and events online in a new way. Being able to share in Real time, documents, videos etc with a group is great and the interaction is infinitly more interesting and may be a step forward to inclusiveness and fairness, no one is embarrassed by looks or needs to hide backgrounds etc like in a traditional Zoom.

VR meeting rooms has been around more than 10 years beginning with the Metaverse SecondLife. Now there are many host companies to choose from to build your meeting room for 3D virtual meets; Some host companies offer special features like VRCave.CA (below trailer).

And then of course there are many other basic VR room venues to chose from here is a few to check out:

Now ZOOM has actually went VR which adds more dimension to meetings as well as the traditional sharing options.

With so many options the boredom certainly has been removed from online meetings

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